Key Tips for Filing Property Damage Claims

Reporting property damages is not an easy task since it includes multiple variables. WHAT IS A PROPERTY DAMAGE CLAIM? Getting an insight into the basics of the damage claim process is time-saving and also useful. Filing for property damage claims is similar to filing most other insurance claims. If the right step-by-step process is followed, the risk of getting the claim denied or less than entitled also gets eliminated.

Keeping evidence handy

Before one makes a claim, it is important to keep all information that acts as evidence. This might include an accident report, photos of the damage, and other related legal information. Furthermore, one must keep the policy handy and also keep a note of the number called. Keeping track of the dates, names, and time is also essential. Additionally, the claim number assigned should be given as well. Asking for the representative’s name is also a great option. By accessing information, one can protect himself/herself from conflicting situations.

The first thing that one needs to enquire about is whether the property damage is covered by the insurance policy. Furthermore, the deadline for filing the claim needs to be acquired so there is no risk of the claim getting cancelled. To make the procedure easier, one needs to follow the below aspects.

  • Keeping handy the policy number
  • Having the details of the damage, which must include the time.
  • Even if one doesn’t document all the losses incurred, it is recommended to contact the insurance company and give an estimate.

Using terminology correctly

When contacting the insurance company, it is important to use the right words, and every piece of information acquired is vital. Using the right terminology while discussing the insurance claim with an insurance company can make or break a deal. It is recommended to avoid using set-in-stone terms as much as possible. Using wrong terms while making a property damage claim can cancel the overall coverage. For instance, if a property faces water damage issues, and the word flood is used, it brings in conflicting terminology. Thus, it becomes important to have a basic understanding of WHAT IS A PROPERTY DAMAGE CLAIM before claiming the damage.

Seeking damage mitigation information

Most commercial real estate insurance policies demand one to mitigate any damages caused. When one seeks mitigation aid, he/she can be assured that the right steps are undertaken to secure the property. One can also be assured that he/she is not covering up any issues associated with the property. The insurance companies demand to see the damages in detail. Thus, one must maintain a proper record and inform the insurance company of damages during the claim procedure.

Taking visible records

It is highly recommended that one acquires as many images as possible of the damages incurred on the property. The presence of smartphone images and visual documentation make the property damage claim process easier and hassle-free. Furthermore, it is also suggested that the person seeking the claim must keep multiple copies of the documents and upload any relevant images or documentation to the official website. Experts believe that visual documentation can significantly differ between an effective claim and an unsuccessful property damage claim.

Hiring an expert

Unless and until the investigation for property damage is undertaken, the actual extent of the damage cannot be judged. One can easily describe the damages incurred on the property; several hidden factors cannot be studied. This is where one needs the help of an expert to study and determine the full extent of damages. An expert helps to micromanage the variable dynamics of the situation before making the claims. Despite hiring an expert in the field, it is important to have a basic know-how about the claim process. WHAT IS A PROPERTY DAMAGE CLAIM? This question must be studied before an individual makes a claim.


It is important to keep in mind that insurance companies minutely investigate claims. If the right step-by-step procedures are followed, the property damage claims get approved or less it gets denied. WHAT IS A PROPERTY DAMAGE CLAIM? This is the first question that a person claiming the damage must have an idea about. Understanding the concept helps to proceed with the claim process more effectively.

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