Top Title Production Software Companies

Technology makes our life easier and more efficient, simplifying the tasks we perform regularly. You will have an easier time selecting a reliable title business to collaborate with if you have some background information on the available title creation software.

When choosing that size, technology isn’t everything. Still, the title company’s use of technology is a good indicator of how efficient they are and how committed they are to minimizing error. When a title business uses the same technology as the real estate agent and the underwriter, there is a reduced risk of errors being introduced into the paperwork, and the process will be completed more quickly because the stages of information gathering will not have to be repeated. Some examples of the title company software are explained below.


RESWARE, developed by Adaptive Software is currently the industry standard and the market leader. It is a piece of software that manages transactions. Transactions in RESWARE may be relied upon to be precise and effective. It is possible to scale it up to accommodate businesses of any size. It ensures that every employee follows the same procedure every time, which helps reduce the risk of errors, missed information, and lost productivity. It is the industry’s company with the quickest growth rate and is utilized by underwriters and agents, resulting in a significantly more efficient process.


The software that makes up SOFTPRO is organized in modules. The fundamental component seeks to enhance the business operations of experts in the title and closing industries. Users can scan documents, develop forms, and automate the preparation of 1099s with the assistance of several different available modules. This product has been designed with the title and closing industry in mind from the ground up. The program is intuitive and adapts to the changing needs of the company. Users can access a database of vendors for services such as flood insurance, appraisal services, check to order, and more through the use of SOFTPRO 360, a program that comes standard with the ProForm license.


Microsoft technologies were used to construct this system for producing titles and escrow. The user can personalize the interface according to their user roles and a process that can be customized. Electronic order taking is available for RAMQUEST One customers, like RESWARE and SOFTPRO customers. It was developed with title and closing businesses in mind from the ground up. While RAMQUEST One can link with software other vendors use, such as Closing Market, RESWARE is the program most underwriters and agents use in their daily work.


E-Closing is a web-based platform that operates as a closing and title processing software application. Users are granted the ability to control all components of the closing process, including order entries and discharge tracking, using this software. It was developed by title agents and utilized in the closing processes of residential and commercial real estate transactions. This software allows you to accept electronic orders from your suppliers, handling them in the most time-effective manner possible. Over 700 different title companies across the United States use this software hosted in the cloud.


The closing component delivers the efficient settlements and closing functions provided by Closers’ Choice title software. Settlement agents, title firms, and legal offices all use it in their daily work. The software supports electronic orders, enables users to import information from the underwriter, and enables users to manage all of their files from a single interface. In addition to that, it includes escrow accounting functions.

Wrapping up

A title company’s investment in technology is a positive indicator of its dedication to the future and its ambitions for growth. A business that prioritizes the quality of its customer service will maintain cutting-edge technology to simplify the steps involved in the transaction-closing process and facilitate the most productive possible information sharing. Please take a moment out of your day to inquire about our technologies, whether you’re a customer, an agent, or a loan officer. Your closing date may rely on it.a

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