Visit Abu Dhabi: Your Next Holiday Destination

Abu Dhabi is the popular capital of the UAE. Bursting with culture and stunning attractions, Abu Dhabi welcomes thousands of visitors year on year.

Today, we will be discussing why Abu Dhabi should be your next holiday destination by exploring what it has to offer. You may want to grab your passport after reading this!

Sightseeing Opportunities

It is without a doubt that Abu Dhabi is praised for its stunning attractions and multiple sightseeing opportunities. If you like to delve into the history of a city, then you can explore The Sheikh Zayed Mosque, which is the biggest mosque in the UAE. Rich in Islamic culture, this breathtaking attraction is certainly one to see.

If you are someone who likes to enjoy more modern attractions, then Abu Dhabi can offer you that in abundance. Whether you want to take your family for a day out at the zoo, or you want to experience the thrills of Ferrari World, if one thing is for sure, you will always be spoilt for choice when it comes to sources of entertainment in Abu Dhabi.

Numerous Islands for You to Explore

Abu Dhabi is home to many breathtaking islands. If you are looking to book an Abu Dhabi holiday, then you’ll be spoilt for choice with locations to visit. If you want to be at the hub for sports and leisure activities, then Yas Island could well be the destination for you. Home to attractions like Ferrari World and the Yas Marina Circuit, you will certainly be able to catch a thrill-seeking experience.

Al Reem Island is home to luxurious restaurants and offers facilities such as museums and amusement parks, whilst Saadiyat Island is the hub for business and finance. Whatever your holiday needs are, Abu Dhabi is home to plenty of diverse islands which are sure to offer you the experiences that you require.

Luxurious Accommodation

If you want to enjoy stunning hotels which boast luxurious features, then you will love the accommodation that Abu Dhabi has to offer. Whether you want to put your feet up and relax in a beach-front resort, or you want to live a life of luxury in exquisite hotels, you’ll certainly be spoilt for choice in this popular capital city.

Many praise Abu Dhabi for its incredible experiences, and with accommodation that is fit for royalty, you’ll find it hard to leave at the end of your stay.

Astonishing Desert

If there is one thing that you can’t escape in Abu Dhabi, it’s the breathtaking desert that surrounds it. You can experience thrill-seeking desert adventures like sandboarding and camel riding to really make your trip one to remember. The golden sand landscapes are something to be admired, and if you enjoy a hot climate, then the desert is the perfect place for you to visit and enjoy a fun-filled day out. When it comes to desert activities, there are plenty of things for you to get stuck into and don’t hesitate to do some research of your own.

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